Beaumont Park 1983

Michael McKenzie sent me this classic footage he shot on Super 8 and has had transferred too Digital. It’s of a meeting at Beaumont Park Newcastle in 1983. High quality I am sure it will bring back memories for many. I love the Bookie paying out at the end. He has a smoke in full swing. Thanks Michael. Michael included the below notes with the video.

  • That is Gary Harley climbing into the caller’s box, but you probably already knew that.
  • The first race in the video was over the 485metres and the placings were Child Star, Head in Front, and Hoping’s Beauty. I have no connection to any of those dogs, trainers, or owners. It just happened to be the first race I filmed.
  • The man collecting the winnings from the bookie is the late Neville Sanson of Mayfield. Neville loved the greyhounds because, in his words, they didn’t have jockeys holding them back. He was always prepared to put his money where his mouth was and wasn’t averse to having a wager. Neville died in August 1989 from a heart attack which was exacerbated by Type 1 Diabetes. I still miss him.
  • I have another movie of Beaumont Park as well, but on the screen is a hair that was in the aperture of the lens at the time of filming. Working with Super 8 film was so frustrating at times.
  • You brought a smile to my face when you mentioned the bookie with the smoke. So many people in both videos were smoking, and I love seeing the old notes again. How times have changed.

Ian Hilditch – Will bring back great memories for a lot of people. Thank you.
Ken Mitchell – Ian Hilditch yep sure does. I tell people how big the crowds were and all the bookies in those years and most people don’t believe it
Howard Gray – Ian Hilditch I don’t have great memories we flew over and stayed with Les and Daphne Harper then the next morning Les’s brother drove us up to Beaumont Park to back a dog Warren was training for us in a maiden, drew the guts and got wiped out on that notorious 1st turn…Chauncy won the race with a dog called Lord Venn who went on to win plenty in town. 1st turn was killer is my memory but geezus the crowd was enormous and we had no trouble getting set unfortunately..😀
Paul Greentree – Great to see an old memory won as an owner a few races there with Gold Paula and Greenmar Prince Very strong ring in those days
Ian Hilditch – Paul Greentree concession bookies, “rails” bookies and an outer ring. Some massive plonks landed and just many went astray.
Brian Caligari – Fantastic memories. Wonderful grass track.
Rod Dennis – Strongest Betting ring in Australia You could get set for a million bucks no problem 👊
Richard Stock – Beaumont Park. Huge crowds every Saturday they raced.Certainly kept the NJC afloat.
Ken Fuller – Richard .. Always an awesome 👏 betting ring ..
Peter Dawson – Billy Hill race caller Eric Blythe grader
Terry Callen – Peter Dawson still see Eric at maitland dogs on a Monday night
Peter Dawson – Terry Callen and what a top bloke Eric is. Humble, honest, dry sense of humour and would do anything to help you . Has stood the test of time as a punter. Loves the “red hots” .
Jeff Collerson– Was great day out at Beaumont Park. Don’t forget in those days when there was no TAB the interstate horse ring held big money and had heaps of bookies. A lot of the big crowd went to bet on the horses.
Ian Hilditch – Jeff Collerson there was a very strong “ring” of bookies that bet solely on Sydney gallops as well as a Melbourne/Brisbane ring.
Joe Baldacchino – Jeff Collerson Raced a dog there on a Saturday afternoon… Ghostly Hush. Can’t remember if she won or not but can remember that I backed a USA Gai Waterhouse horse called Secret Savings @ 100/1 with one of the horse bookies there. Only because it was ridden by K Moses. It led all the way🥰🥰🥰. Went on to win bigger races and became a moderately successful stud.
John Staines – Great memories.
Jamie Hawkins – Margaret Bright Troy Butler about 50 seconds into this my grandmother walks past the camera grey haired and walking like on a mission. She was there almost every Saturday
Margaret Bright – Jamie Hawkins I got my very first winner as a trainer at Beaumont Park in 1990. A little white & brindle bitch called Supreme Weapon out of Rapid Supreme x Royal Lynch. She won of the 1 box. Never forgot it 😁 Those we’re the good days of racing & wow fancy your grandmother walking past look like she was in a mission to back a winner 👌👌
Jamie Hawkins – Margaret Bright supreme weapon good name.
Paul Greentree – Couldn’t believe how Billy Hill used to call the last few races enjoyed that drop of Scotch ?!
Ian Hilditch – True story. The weekend before Mothers’ Day. In a later race Billy stopped calling the race as the dogs went into the first turn and reminded listeners that Cinderella and Square Bear for the kids will be in attendance on Mothers’ Day and took up the c… See more
Paul Greentree – Ian Hilditch he was always dressed in a colour and tie
Think we were all amazed when had to build a walk bridge from grandstand so Gary Harley could get to the box
Jeff Collerson – Ian Hilditch Billy was a classic. One day he tipped 9 winners at Beaumont Park but had only one bet. You can guess which one he backed!
Steve Burgis – Best steak sandwiches to
Mal Cuneo – Loved it every Saturday then to harold Park in the night many big plunges pulled off thats when the game was fun nowadays the fun has been taken out of it sad to say
Ian Hilditch – Mal Cuneo Gday Mal. Remember the late Johnny Brown had Snow Beacon run unplaced at Beaumont Park in the afternoon and ducked down to HP that night with her where she won the TAB track’s championship.
Paul Greentree – Mal Cuneo Hey Mal good to hear you are still around – the bet was always cold and in those 7 oz the end of the day – yeah only had a couple but they did add up !!
Paul Greentree – Sorry beer in 7 Oz glasses
Paul Greentree – Hey Mal where are you these days still training
Mal Cuneo – Yes Paul in qld
Geoff Bogie – Mal Cuneo and a few B&Cs
Geoff Bogie – The bookmaker ring was the main attraction for me the influence of the tab was minimal back then hence big crowds and heaps of bookies