Blair Cross

One of South Australia’s outstanding trainers for many years was Blair Cross here is an interview I did with him back in 1998. Blair trained a heap of top-class dogs the best probably Knochlaun Gold winner of the 1984 Adelaide Cup. What a field he beat Katandra King second, National Star third. Tangairn, Dan O’Pandee, Kid Campbell, Tangleshell and Smart Scott. Another top liner was Wolf Black. Later I also found the story below about Wolf Black One of South Australia’s very best. One we should remember is the mighty Wolf Black it is a story from Behind The Boxes magazine in 1998. I wrote for BTB and the SA scribe was Angle Park Racecaller Dean Caporella Dean of course also worked for Sky in Sydney and hosted the Catching Pen. Good bloke Deano I recently spoke with him in the USA where he has lived for sometime with wife and he is doing well.

Howard Grey – Top trainer and top bloke, brother in law of Merv Pedlar (Bayroad Queen), an old sparring partner on the track..😀
Howard Gray – The good old days Howie
June Whyte – Lovely guy
Graham Fischer – Great bloke. Always had a smile on his face. Top trainer.
Michael Eberand – loved watching this dog race