Brother Fox & Street Wise

The last two track record holders at Harold Park. Here are the stud ads from 1988 of Brother Fox, he set the Harold Park 457 track record in 1984 at 25.82. It had been held over the years by Black Top, The Shoe, Artic Fire and Victorian Satan’s Legend. Street Wise set the distance record 800 yards or 732 metres at 42.63 in 1985. It had been held by Bunyip Bint for 15 years then Travel Rev, He’s Some Boy, Miss High Lo, National Lee, and Shy Julie. Brother Fox became an outstanding sire, not sure about Street Wise.

Darren Leeson – Did Statistician hold the 732m record very briefly? I was there the night Street Wise broke the record and thought Statistician did it a race or two before him both in heats of the Summer Cup? National Lass won her heat in around 42.90 or 43 and went out 9/2 for the final and blew them away!
Neil Brown – Sounds right to me if you were there. Solid memory some great names Statistician, National Lass she was a superstar.
Darren Leeson – Great era! Yep, that she was, was also at Wenty the night Toni’s Comic beat her in a 4 dog field at 1/10. Great greyhounds…champions stay with you! 👍👍
Mick Haskas– My pin up dog barge through get outa my way
Ray Murray -Remember driving to use BROTHER FOX wither MADAM SCANDAL 13HRS there mate her 13hrs back with old mate Howard Gray back in time for trials at gawler those were the days didnt affect the girl 13 pups
Jan Griffiths – Great dog great sire
Garry Lynch – I remember those days! Brother fox the shoe ihad
Garry Lynch – Shares in a dog called swanky bo which held the world record at harle Park and was trained by the great man seth bolland I will never forgot those days
Garry Lynch – Harold Park swanky boue
Robert Wilson – Neill, speed cannot be planned, inherited or planned with any certainty, we all make the mistake of thinking the off-spring of track record holders or Derby winners can be inherited but this is so rare it is untrue. Every dog track has dogs who if put to stud would breed an high percentage of winners yet they are destroyed as valueless. The same with racehorses and racing pigeons, all we can do is to breed a family of dogs all related, all identical, and hope for the best. Speed is a DOGS PERSONALITY TRAIT and an elusive one at that. 65 years ago we had a dog called Determined Duke and his name alone summed him up admirably. Regards Bob, Leeds, Uk.
Clint Kratzmann – So we’ll put Robert. Speed is the golden ticket to success in dog racing and it will never change
Robert Wilson – Clint, greyhounds are chasers and killers of small animals like rabbits and hares and chasing a live hare does something to them, some get well and truly excited and eager for the chase, I had a dog called Fine Ameythst, who knew when it was race day and was eager to get off, at the track he wagged his tail and barked all the way to the traps, he broke the 500 track record,, so it is developing this keeness to chase that matters.
Robert Wilson – Feeding greyhounds to win ‘Saturday night’, ideally, the dog in question needs to be underfed for five days and given the absolute minimum food, then the last 1.5 days stuffed with meat to energise him, to become a training legend one needs to remember more races are lost in the feeding bowl than on the track.