Champion Staying bitch Miram Miss.

Been Looking for a Pic of champion staying bitch Miram Miss.

Kerry Chalker – Wonderful bitch not much bigger than a whippet.

Kel Greenough – Our first expensive purchase bought 2 bitches from her to Second Stage. Unfortunately for us she didn’t produce much.

Shane Flower – Lot of good staying bitches seemed small . Less to carry?

The Charity queen the greyhound rep Seemed to win every year support like this main reason Spirit of Egypt always around placing in town ‘raced ag ainst best gee he was honest,Traffic talk was I believe own by Hugsey that’s as I knew him he was dad’s mate good friend of Tony Marino, mm real favorite

Des Dooley – Miram Miss made her final racetrack appearance at Sale on 13th June 1970. What was unique was that it was an all trophy meeting in aid of Miss Australia Charity Quest entrant Maree O’Sullivan. Miram Miss was in the 700 yard invitational and opposed to Luxurys Son, Sprite of Egypt, Suzy Capri, Traffic Talk etc. Sadly I cannot remember the result. I do know they raced for the grand prizes of 1st Cassette Recorder 2nd Toaster 3rd Transistor. It was a very generous gesture by all concerned to race for no stakes. Should read Blitz.