Cheltenham Park

I am sure many Victorian owners and trainers will remember attending Cheltenham Park. Purchased by Lavithan Bookmaker Lal Scurrah and managed by Hall of fame trainer Paul Hogan here is an ad for the place under the new management of Ned McLennan. I am not sure of the year. But found the ad alongside one for Bookmaker Scurrah and the legendary Chummy Parkes in a publication called the Victorian Greyhound Review.

Alan Marum -Very cool 😎 l actually trialled my first greyhounds at Cheltenham Park….grass track
Alan Marum– They trialled under lights also…as did schneppers trial track
Chris Johannsen– Yes trialed one of my first dogs there also snake slithered across track that day
Coral Scott– Trained dogs for both lal and chummy he told how he had a terrifying night after the dogs he had a very good night book making and had an agreement with his wife she always left the front light this night he came home no light drove up and a couple of times said it looked alright and drove in he as hit over the head and woke up with a shot gun in his mouth they took the money ,chummy never reported it he said he knew the guys who did it they to dangerous to mess wit….pop
Kerry Chalker – Coral Scott waiting for your blog Doug-you have some many great memories of those times
Robert Mccurdy – Coral Scottin what years did you train greyhounds for chummy and lal I like to know
Coral Scott- Robert Mccurdy chummy was pacemaker days probably early fiftiesl we won our first race at maribynong in 1953 lal was much later I remember jean bought a hurdler that had won a couple at Warragul but it only chased there…pop
Howard Culph – Coral Scott Mal Pollard had his bag and contents stolen from his car when they stopped for something to eat at their regular on the way home from Ballarat dogs…. early 80s? A run through dip out of concession bookies bag at Sandown dogs around the same time (Lal Scurrah maybe) very lucrative. Also another well known dog bookie held up in his garage upon returning home about the same time again. If they tried to hold us up now they’d only get an IOU!
Coral Scott – Howard Culph haha…pop
Leigh Smith – Pretty sure they had a straight track, with hay bales for teaching dogs to hurdle.😉
Jon Roberts – Jack Horner had it later
Ronald Lyfield – Sly grog shop not far away either
Alan Marum – Ronald Lyfield next door
Leigh Smith – I think he had a son called robbie, he worked there as well.
John Purcell – I trained a few for Chummy good bloke