Greyhounds Entertainment Taberet – Club Bar

If anybody is wondering what Greyhounds Entertainment Gaming Venue was before it was renovated a couple of times since it was built and was called the Club Bar. The venue open in a blaze of glory and publicity on Thursday October 29th, 1970. I remember the night like it was yesterday. I was a bit past 17 at the time and the Club put on free beer between 6pm and 7 and we made the most of it. I will never forget the first race that night a hurdle as usual was won by a friend’s dog Rev’s Range at 25/1 and we were on. Second year apprenticeship wage for me at the time was $18.40. So, you can imagine what sort of night we had. I have many, many fond memories of nights in the Club Bar I remined star AFL great Dermott Brereton of his regular appearances at the Club Bar when we talked at the Warrnambool Cup in May this year. He was one of a number of sporting personalities that were seen in the famious venue. Here are some classic stories from a Newspaper Special lift out produced by the AGE daily on October 29, 1970.

Doug Scott – Great memories Neil….pop
Edwin Caruana– Remember it well Neil we all thought it was the longest bar in the world. Unlike you Neil I was of legal drinking age when it opened.
Glenn Rounds– I remember going there as a young fella, plenty of fights late on a Thursday night 🍻
Charlie Schembri– Eddie I worked full time with them at airport west and a a part time I worked at the snake pit if anyone doesn’t know what the snake pit is it’s a bar underground lots of memories there
Robert Mccurdy – Charlie SchembriOlympic Park.
Howard Culph- I remember the squelch underfoot of beer soaked carpet with the crowd shoulder to shoulder.
Alan Marum– Had a few great times in there….huge crowds on Thursday nights…
John Stephens – Interesting to note the ‘ladies’ lounge was a must have as then (a) most ladies did not drink beer and (b) if they did…was certainly not in a ‘public’ bar. Also worth remembering that the builder ‘Gunther’ lived in the street (now named after the family) running parallel to the grandstand. I might have this wrong but as I recall 6 o’clock closing of bars (still in place in 1970) meant the only legal place to get a beer was at a registered club?
Howard Culph – John Stephens 10 o’clock closing came in on 1st February 1966, two weeks before decimal currency
Jon Roberts – 1964 10 pm closing
Neil Brown – Pretty close Jon it was the 1st February 1966. Great year last time the Saints won the flag. Lucky l was there doesn’t look like another anytime soon. 😂😂😂😂 TAS 1937 Qld 1941 Nsw 1955 SA 1967. In the Wild West they set the closing time at 9pm in 1917.