Chief Dingann

Classy sprinter/stayer Chief Dingann. Bred in the purple Temlee x Zulu Moss. Raced by World of Sport team trained by Bill Lecky he won 14 from 32 starts including the 1978 Olympic Park Sprint Champ. Top Sire in Victora 1985 with 192 city winners.

Reg Hazelgrove – Neil what the name of the classy stayer from Sydney she lived in half a tank took her out of the yard to race and put her back after the race if that’s correct was it Dotie Wilson.

Jeff Collerson – Dotie Wilson was NSW Greyhound ofthe Year in 1975. She was owned & trained by Jim Canning a male nurse at Morriset Psychiatric Hospital north of Sydney. In 1975 she won five of the 11 major finals (no group races then) she contested and although trained in NSW she loved the Gabba where she was undefeated in 8 starts.