Kennel Race at Olympic Park

Remember to race from the kennels then up onto the trainers stand. Loved Olympic almost as much as Sandown. Another shot taken in 1972 of the betting ring and front straight.

Gary Smith – There was always something special about Olympic Park, it was a time honoured track, you felt like you had achieved something by just racing there, the environment was always electric.

Remember how hard it was to walk through the betting ring, also how about the mastery of setting up enough people to pull off a plunge, people and money going everywhere 👍👍🤣🤣

Sandown and Olympic Park , geez those betting rings held plenty some nights plus some other tracks were you could always get on, fond memories 👍

I remember one night at Wangaratta the bookies had to write checks on one of our dogs or pack up and go home after race 3

Kerry Chalker – Was great race place

Shane Flower – I thought a ring of concession bookies was special / I Loved Geelong

Des Dooley – Best atmosphere ever and I feel privileged to have seen greyhound racing as it used to be.