Dr Jim Gannon

Here is an interview I did with the late Dr. Jim Gannon. Considered the doyen of Greyhound Vets. He started the Sandown Vet Clinic, pioneered the GAP Program and trained a host of outstanding Greyhound Vets including. Des Fegan, Peter Yore, Richard Healey, and a series of Sandown Cadetship graduates including Michelle Brooks, Chris Boemo, Michael Bell and Steve Brown, just to mention a few. In his early Victorian days, he worked with Vets John Murray, Phillip Kidd and Janene Kirschner. Besides being inducted into both the National and Victorian Hall of Fames. He was President of the following veterinary bodies: MVPA, AVA (Vic), ASAVA, ACVS. He was Awarded an Australian Sports Medal, Order of Australia was a Greyhound Racing Control Board Member and an International lecturer and co-author of Care of the Racing and Retired Greyhound. In 2003 he was made a life member of the Australian Veterinary Association for services to the veterinary profession.

Rex Campbell – Great vet had vet. Visit every week margc
Howard Gray – The doyen of greyhound vets, none better.
Alex Jokic – A true gentleman….
Martin Tucker – I had the pleasure of meeting him on my trip to Australia in 1998. He actually signed the back of a souvenir Boomerang that I received !
Des Dooley – Genius
Shane Hookey – The late,great Ted Sallows,used his services,a very thorough greyhound vet,who had no peer,at his time !!
David Torr – he was the best and no trouble to explain everything
John Vivian – Gentleman pleasure to know *
Norman Schuback – Harley Whelan the best
Ian Kurzke – Legend…
Laurie Scala – Agree, a legend and perhaps a major race should be named in his honour.
Gary Smith – Great man and a gentleman RIP Jim❤⚘👍
Clint Anderson – I remember GRV sent me out to Jim’s home to do a photoshoot celebrating his 80th birthday. I had never met him before, only knew and heard of what he had done in the industry. Absolute gentlemen he was. I still have a copy of the letter he wrote back to GRV commending me on my professionalism and how much he enjoyed the photoshoot. It blew me away getting such positive feedback and showed what a great man he was. Sadly only a few weeks after his birthday, he passed away.
Marg Long – Truly great man.
Chris McKay – Famous vet enormous contributions to the greyhound industry
Lauren Jolly – What a great man