Elle McFeast-Libby Gorr

It this “Elle McFeast” or real name Libbi Gorr of later TV fame promoting the Australian Cup of 81.

Marg Long – One of Ken’s famous posters
Dennis Huxley– I could tell a story or two about Ken’s poster girls but I will desist.
Marg Long– Dennis Huxley best idea
Howard Gray– When we had Kate’s A Scandal over for the National Sprint Championship Ken Carr organised a promotional photo shoot the day we flew in, so we went straight from Tullamarine to Olympic Park. They’d arranged Sale Of The Century’s Judy Green for a Herald Sun picture layout….Stunningly beautiful girl and very down to Earth.
Dennis Huxley– Was injured during a trip with one of the Leyland brothers – I believe.
David Meiers– Dennis Huxley with alby mangles
Steven Van Oirschot– Yep with Alby Mangles.