First turn at Olympic Park in the 70’s

Around the first turn at Olympic Park in the 70’s

Gary Smith – Look at the crowd, you had to elbow your way to a bookie 🤣🤣, loved the top tier of the grandstand, great view, especially on qualy night, got a good look at the maidens then go down and buy a couple to race in the bush 👍

Kerry Chalker– Remember 8 dog trials even over the 785
Jenny Roberts– this is more like the home turn at the 500 boxes
Gary Smith– Definitely the first turn about to go past the catching pen
John Reid- Reckon I can see our mum standing at the fence just before the winning post.,god love her.
Kay King-Rose was such a beautiful lady
Jon Roberts– The GOOD old days not like now
Ted Dowsey-Look at all the people up close to the track. Remember? Now that was exciting 👍