George Colliver talks Melbourne Cup winners Saskaview and Saskagay.

Saskaview in full flight. Saskagay winning the Cup.

Had a request from Don Hay for a pic or something about the mighty Byam Rose. Here is a short clip with the late George Colliver about his and brother Len’s two Melbourne Cup winners Saskaview and Saskagay. 1962 and 1963.

Des Dooley – Found memories of the Colliver boys. Len and Cyril at the track. George stayed home to look after the farm most times.

Don Hay – I don’t think I had a bad dog of them Stripper Sam was probably the best

Gerard Lanigan – And wasn’t he a good dog. Almost unbeatable at Sale over the 484m trip on the old track.

The dominate dam line of Byam Rose.

The 4×3 double-up of famed broodbitch Byam Rose is obvious. But behind this are multiple crosses of Lady Janellen (we’ve already seen how she is in-bred herself), and Hamura Belle. Byam Rose is regarded one of the true gems of Australian greyhound breeding. This is her pedigree:

Moonshine Maid
Suilver Chief
Lassalla (Quandialla-Percyton Lass)
Percyton Lad
Percyton Lass
Alwin Chris
Hamura Belle

Thus Byam Rose is in-bred to the sister/brother combination of Lassalla and Percyton Lad. It goes even further. Their dam Percyton Lass carries multiple crosses of the bitches Francesca and Bloomee. Francesca has five crosses in her pedigree of the bitch Red Hand. She was a famous producer with her champion son King Comedy winning 40 of 43 courses including the 1915 Waterloo Cup.