Gold Coast Parklands

John Brasch sent me this arial shot of the fantastic Gold Coast complex. What a great greyhound track it was.

Rob Tyler – The best track I ever raced at Neil. That and Toowoomba were my 2 favourite tracks. Fairest circle racing possible.
Neil Brown– Rob Tyler I loved going there it was a great set up. Your not far with your best two tracks. My highly respected mate Bob Douglas has always maintained the same view Toowoomba and Parklands. I know the Hospital needed a Car Park but what a shame to lose it.
Ian Rose– The best set up I’ve seen
Darren Leeson– Here’s John Brasch calling at the track around 2002…he’s lost nothing…great caller and great track!… See more
Neil Brown– Darren Leeson thanks for that John and I have been good mates since the middle 90’s lovely bloke and his Mum and Dad were special people.
Richard Codd – Fantastic track
Terry Hines- Hey Qld board, Get off your back side and produce what was promised when we lost that track.
David Meiers- It was great so was Toowoomba as was lawnton and Beenleigh
Dawn Garrett– Yes great track
Nathan Goodwin– What a disgrace to our industry it’s gone.
Christine Proctor– Sure was
Mark Small– PROFESSIONALLY designed by an American Architect who said he would “present the fastest tracks in the Southern Hemisphere” …. AND he did.
The contouring on the turns exemplified trouble free racing 🌟
John Stephens– As I recall it…Bede Ireland…his track designs came from the motion of bodies/masses according to basic theories of physics. Mix the likely/optimum speed to the gradient on the turns.