Greyhound Racing In Guam

On my recent trip overseas, I visited the island of Guam and had no idea they had conducted Greyhound Racing there since 1977 until 2008. The track and many aspects of the set up were the work of Australians. In particular NSW administrator Norm Smith, we airlifted 300 racing greyhound to kick the whole thing off. I am disappointed I didn’t know this before spending a day mainly in the city. I would have got some pics of the track and added it to my collection of tracks I have found while away. The track is still there but is about to redeveloped into a park space for public use. However, I did find some pics of how it use to be.

Gary Smith – Bingo biggest thing in Guam now ,I think 🤔
Neil Brown – You are right I think the Bingo is on its last legs as well. I hate Bingo called it for 10 years at the footy club. Love job the old girls would take you to task if you made a mistake. In the later years I was a bit under the weather one to many next door at the Bar.😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gary Smith – Guam, is such a pretty place and the water is beautiful and warm, took my kids Doug Scott – Very interesting Neil not even sure where Guam is exactly…pop
Neil Brown– Middle of nowhere Doug halfway between New Guinea and Japan. Owned and operated by the United States.
Doug Scott – Seem to remember a big war battle there in 2nd world warver and all the Japanese tourists wanted photos with them, lol 😆