Paper Jack the Punter

Does any of the old timers remember punter Paper Jack seems he had a big night at Olympic Park back in the 70’s. He backed five winners of the seven he fancied and had a police escort wherever he went on the night in question. The punters 150 to 200 people who follow the party around cheered every time he was paid out by a bookie. Fun and games in those days.

Richard Hewson – Back in the 70’s my friend and I backed tthe first 7 winners at Olympic Park remember 2 names Roo Power anf Figaro.We went home and got drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neil Brown – Richard Roo Power was a superstar little fawn bitch loved Olympic.
Darren Leeson – And the veiled widow around Wentworth Park late 80’s / early 90’s. Think she had a minder as well.
Johnny BeGood – Darren Leeson I remember her at Dapto dogs on many occasions
Nic Monaghan – Simon Jardine sounds like a 👑 this bloke
Greg Rob – Nic Monaghan the bag lady she back favoured she never talk to anyone
Jeff Holland – Vera, the bag lady. Funny but she had a brother who also used to bet out of a paper bag, he went broke pretty quick backing the off spring of champion sprinter Happy Endo.
Bob Watkins -The likes of them will never be seen again unfortunately