GRV Queens Road

The old GRV were housed here in this building. Still looking for a shot of the office before that at East Melbourne.

Des Dooley – Unfortunately you have to be old to remember “ Wellesley House “ 126 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne. Not even sure we had postcodes then.
Neil Brown- I remember going there I am sure Neville & Steve Nash plus Andy Bence worked there for Noel Banks.
Stephen Nash-Yes NJ. It was a huge move from East Melbourne to the Racing Industry Centre.
Doug Scott- I seem to remember Roy maidment in Collins st would that be right Des Dooley…Doug scott
Doug Scott- When you sent in for a dog to be named the dogs name came back in the return mail super quick was Roy maidment i think their office was in the 300s in Collins st
Des Dooley- Doug, I am not quite old enough to remember Collins Street.
Shane Flower- Went with dad to name an armatree prince x four pines bitch, lady took application form, look at it straight away replied, thats your name, springtime lass my dad raced one called that, she threw a bitch little shazee nearly unbeatable at Ballarat, remembering Wellington parade
Barry Lingham-The building where judgment changed my life in racing !
John Reid- Coral Scott,nice a few of us are still around,grew up in the pacemaker days,catching pen had a different name in those days ,will remain our secret HaHa.I’m a 1933 model,well worn,but worn well.
Doug Scott- John Reid its doug scott using my wifes facebook i am a 1934 model still have dogs my daughter trains them
John Reid- Doug we must have crossed paths in our lifetime in greyhounds,here’s hoping we stay a little longer.just to annoy the younger trainers.
Doug Scott- John Reid I leant a lot about greyhounds from tom bleazby and his sister Nell so long ago white city and Napier park was still going the melb cup was over 400 yards on the straight at Napier park
John Reid- Doug Tom was a great mate of our dad Peter Reid,in those days they were Mr and .mrs to us kids years later he insisted I call him Tom,but I could never comfortably call mrs anything but .mrs B,
Doug Scott- John Reid yes liked peter reid always so interesting to talk to my children always called lois and noel banks mr and mrs and they are in their fifties lois passed last yearshe asked my daughter to call her lois but said she couldnt thats how we were brought up