Shamrock Jewell

Outstanding mentor Gary Ennis with Jeff Davies and John Stephens champion stayer Shamrock Jewell. I have featured her before but this was a new pic I found. Gazza a very fresh faced young man.

One of the most pleasing aspects of putting the Sandown Museum together has been the generous offers from participants of treasured trophies and photos to place on display. One such trophy on its way for display is the 1981 National Distance Trophy won by Shamrock Jewel at Launceston in Tasmania. Raced by two former Sandown CEO’S John Stephens and Jeff Davies. The boys had been mates since growing up in Melbourne’s Bayside area both playing junior football together. Both went on to play VFL for St. Kilda and John a State Cricketer for Victoria. Also coming to light are these priceless photos from after the win. Shamrock Jewel purchased for $3000 from a Sporting Globe Advertisement was trained by outstanding mentor Gary Ennis another close mate of boys. As is evident in the pics their very young families at the time all enjoyed Greyhound Racing. Might have been a budding Greyhound trainer and Administrator amongst those young kids.

Gary Smith – Have you got the photo of her, the cup and loads of cash on a table 👍

Jeff Davies – Hi Gary, there was indeed such a photo, Jodie (Shamrock Jewell) sniffing a very big pile of cash on the kitchen table. Unfortunately, I have lost track of both the photo and the cash. It was a seriously big pile of money that the bookies at Wentworth Park kindly donated. 7-2 into 7-4, that’s a big go in what was a very big and strong ring in those days. All the Melbourne gang went up and we were all travelling pretty well at the time. I think “Jodie” had the black, went straight to the front and never looked like losing. Gary Ennis you genius. I’m sure Gary never told you a little white lie Jeff Collerson but I think in a radio interview prior to the race Gary insisted she needed the inside. Of course some months prior when she was in Sydney and had drawn inside Gary insisted, in another interview, that she needed the outside. Hey, I guess her racing style changed over a few months. If anyone has the photo would love to see it again. Cheers, Jeff D.

Leigh Smith – A great bloke. Always happy to help not a bad trainer as well.

Craig Davis– Great with a dog heard a few stories over the years where Gary and co would fly to Wangaratta on a Monday night and when the calls came thru to Olympic Park and the dogs had drifted on course the punters would step in and back them.
Jeff Collerson– One of the first Victorian trainers I interviewed and he was always so helpful and co operative. His son Jamie is the same.
John Staines– They know how to train a dog that’s for sure.
Rex Kyte– Loved that dog’ and shamrock flight
Clint Kratzmann- Very astute man with a dog I think his son still trains in Victoria to
Heather Cook– Love reliving the memories there were some special dogs around and some colourful trainers,
Brenda Kinder– Lovely guy and a great trainer.

Gwen Ennis -Great memories
Leanne Davies – Gwen Ennis absolutely didn’t we have fun.
Gwen Ennis – Leanne Davies We sure did
Maureen Stephens – Leanne Davies The only time we’ve stayed up all night!!😄
Edwin Caruana – Gwen Ennis seems like you forgot the flight back from Launceston.
Jenny Roberts – Leanne Davies I think we had chilled champagne at netball, Maybe the next day after the win 🏆
Leanne Davies – Jenny Roberts yes I think we did. We had such a great time through that time. Hope you are both well xxx
Jenny Roberts – It was good times back in the day. Both of us fighting fit, how about you and Jeff?
Coral Scott – Great to know it’s up and running Neil , Alf Martin gave me a couple of pics of his champions to take to sandown hope you have sighted them….pop
Chris McKay – Interesting story
Alan Marum – Awesome 👍
Steven Van Oirschot – Kerry Chalker you can show Garry
Craig Davis – Great trainer Gary. none better.