Hardcover Racebook – Australian Cup 1969

As the saying goes it’s as rare as hen’s teeth. John Stephens found this absolute gem and it’s the first one of its kind that I have seen. A hardcover race book produced for the 1969 Australian Cup. This classic find shows many details of the Club, Media and of that race night. The race was won by superstar greyhound Benjamin John. Trained by the legendary Stan Cleverley not only was he to make his mark as a race dog. He produced over 500 litters and some of the Superstars to race the 60s and 70s. I have included a pic of the winner post-race.

Kim Watts – Hi Neil I was there the night he won it. But I didn’t save the program.
Noel Boyd– Brings back memories from the Cup Final that night, didn’t win it however.
Heather Villinger – Noel Boyd at least you’ve had a runner in such a great race.
Chris Johannsen- Noel Boyd to have made it is a great achievement always said Bev was a good trainer
Noel Boyd– Chris Johannsen Yeah, Yeah😜
Edwin Caruana– Definitely brings back memories for you Noel.
Steven Van Oirschot– Wow didn’t know 3xy broadcast greyhounds. In my young days they were the top rock station.
Mick Fearnley– Steven Van Oirschot Maurie Kirby was the caller. Then Wayne Kirby although I’m not sure if Wayne was on 3xy
Edwin Caruana-Steven Van Oirschot back then we had three radio stations calling greyhound reaching.
Alan Marum– Fantastic
Alan Marum– Did Maurie Kirby call for 3xy?
Neil Brown– Yes he did and Wayne as well
Shane Gordon– Remember Maurice Kirby calling greyhounds at Olympic Including of Australian cup on Sunday morning
Coral Scott– Maurie couldnt call the dogs when they started in 1956 because he was calling the basketball at the games…doug
Glenn Huxley– Great post! Thanks Neil and John. Benjamin John was owned by Helen O’Leary who was a former model. Lovely lass. I recall Cleverley trained BJ. Helen named her first son John Benjamin and, as a hobby breeder, reaped a fortune when BJ went to stud (no tax?).
Alan Marum– Wayne Kirby…a very interesting fella. I met him at Ned Bryant’s one day… Yep very interesting..🇦🇺🤠🎤
Coral Scott– Wayne used to call the bingo at sandown dogs …doug