Jeff Holland

Here’s Jeff Holland at his best. Not much price about the black Antique Vision.

Gary Smith -He’s a good bloke bet me 11/1 Sayareena at Moss Vale one day, could have heard a pin drop after the race, thank god for the steward talking to me telling me he was swabbing her because I thought everyone had lost their tongues,🤣🤣🤣
Howard Gray– Not giving much away there Jeff Holland about 126% by my calculations? 😃
Robert Britton– Howard Gray That is why he is so wealthy😁
Jeff Holland– OK, no more phone calls, YES I used to have hair.
Gary Smith-Jeff Holland is it true you rode a bike to Moss Vale each week 🤣🤣🤣
Jeff Holland– Gary Smith it was that good, I would have crawled.
Majella Ferguson– Ur copping it Jeff 😂
Sandro Bechini– I remember when he had hair!!