Katandra King

Top Class South Australian sprinter Katandra King.

Mark Stains- He had brilliant early speed won a few at Wentworth Park when trained by Les Harper.

Howard Gray- Mark Staines Think you’ll find Warren Harper trained him in NSW Les’s son. Jane McNicholl

Roger Kirby- He made the final of the Derby

Roger Kirby- Who trained him in SA

Howard Gray- Roger Kirby His owner Jane McNicholl an excellent trainer in her own right, a veterinarian by trade and the breeder of some truly great dogs, some trained by herself and some by Forum member June Whyte and others- True To Do a SA greyhound of the year,… See more

Roger Kirby- Thanks for reply thought it was Jane McNicol remember June Whyte’s dogs flying nonsense true to do wotta wizard any photos of wotta wizard

June Whyte- Roger Kirby this was taken after Horace (Wotta Wizard) won the Perth Cup. Long time ago…
May be an image of text that says “COKGLmG Wotta Wizard and trainer June Whyte go over few points in June’s greyhound publica- tion. Pic courtesy Perth’s Sunday Times.”

Roger Kirby- Thanks for photo how many races did he win in SA

Howard Gray- Roger Kirby Too many LOL, my dogs in the beaten brigade too often.

Richard Thompson- I think Les or Warren Harper had him in Sydney Good greyhound.