Father’s Lad

Had a call from Faye and Bill of Wonthaggi who send this photo of Faye’s Grandfathers greyhound Fathers Lad his name was J Rowe. The pic had been hanging on the wall of a Hotel in Wonthaggi. He must have been a handy dog. But I couldn’t find reference to him on Greyhound Data. He was by the famous Fathers Footsteps. John Reid has told me about Wongthaggi he was a regular there with his father Peter. John if see this can you let us know a bit about the track. Particulaly where it was, surface and type. Pretty sure Doug Scott can help there as well.

Scott Sinclair– It was a coursing track jack Cooper owned the licence and sold it to warragul
Des Carlson won his first race there in 1949 dog called alcon won 5 in 9 days Kalerie Park was name of track

Neil Brown– Scott Sinclair Thanks Scott very interesting, the great Des Carlson what a lovely bloke. Could he train a winner.

Robert Mccurdy– Scott Sinclair interestering how old was Des when he passed away and when he he won his first race in1949

Scott Sinclair– Robert Mccurdy died at 81 in 2012 so born 1932 made him about 18 at the time

Robert Mccurdy– Scott Sinclair thank you yes a great gentleman trained a few dog for Mick Gibilisco

Scott Sinclair– Robert Mccurdy absolutely tops with a dog

Coral Scott– After knowing Des for many years I found out just before his passing his name was not Des now I think I have forgotten his correct name but at 87 please excuse me…doug

Robert Mccurdy– Charlie hingston ex director Olympic park ran his furniture van to Wonthaggi with the greyhounds an there trainers on board and I think it was on Tuesday afternoon.