Kempsey Opening Night

Always sad to see the decline of a Greyhound track wherever it may be. Many have raced for a number of years and serviced the district community with many forms of support and entertainment. Here is some classic newspaper promotions for the opening night at Kempsey in October 1975. Amateur photographer Nicole Moore also sent me some great photos of the track in its heyday.

Nathan Goodwin – I knew I had this somewhere!

Nathan in 2022 big win as a trainer.

Vicki Maree Byrnes – Nathan Goodwin yep that’s where you started 😀 and pity they have shut it down but still trial
Neil Brown – Nathan Goodwin Brilliant Nathan that you kept such an important story of your past start in the dogs. 12 that was earlier than yours truly, I was 15. It will be kept forever now on my Website.
Nathan Goodwin – Neil Brown pretty sure I was about 10 when I started calling … was doing Kempsey then Wauchope. Done Grafton in 92,93 and Taree too. Moved to Queensland in October 1996. Called at Ayr, Townsville and filled in at Cairns. Also then done the trots and gallops in the region. They were busy and great times.
Chantelle May – Neil Brown great pics ! I grew up in kempsey at the track, my nan Sue Wade still runs the place along side Sam Simonetta. Great memories!!
Glenn Rounds – Very true Neil, the treatment of Cranbourne members and local participants by the GRV board has been disgraceful, the incompetent management has left us without a track and that has led to breeding downturn in the region, we’re no chance while this board is still there.
Gary Smith – So true Brownie, I grew up at Wangaratta, Albury, old Shepparton showground track, Cootamundra and Griffith tracks and others, only good memories now 💕
Dawn Garrett – Loved racing at Kempsey
Martin Tucker – Same in Ireland and the UK Neil Brown !
In my time in Ireland from 1981 I saw the demise of Celtic Park, Dungannon and Dunmore in the North and Navan, Harold’s Cross and my own local track Longford in the South.
Sadly, only Drumbo Park outside Belfast is the only new track to open.
A few more I’d say are on borrowed time.
Whilst in the UK, the sport has been decimated with track closures both Licensed and Independent or “flapping tracks” as they were known as !

Nathan Goodwin -I used to call the races from that broadcasting box. Had to climb up and down with a ladder.