1999 Australian Cup winner Mandatario. Head Honcho x Mutombo Miss bred, raced and trained by Graeme and Sue Jolly. Lovely people Graeme taken from us much to young. Top bloke with many friends in the game. 43 starts for 8 wins 14 placings $117, 220. Only produced three litters. Mutombo Miss was a high-class chasing Group winner and excellent brood bitch.

Alan Marum – Very nice fella graeme
Susan Jolly– Thank you Neil for your kind words. Graeme just loved greyhound racing . We made so many long term friends over the years.
Edwin Caruana– First Australian Cup run at The Meadows, new home for the MGRA. Great family the Jolly’s, a very well deserved success. Second was a bitch called Brookside Red, trained a Peter”Stan” Wardle and owned by Ray Borda, Ray went on to become just about the biggest owner in recent years.
Marg Long– Great family. Loved their win
Ronald Lyfield– Great man great family
Heather Villinger– Both Geoff & I miss Graeme and we idtem talk about him and wonder what Graeme would make of the world as we know it now. So many parts of our lives have changed since Graeme left us but we both can hear Graeme call it Bullsh*t. We still have two dogs from the last litter Graeme bred living out their lives. I reckon Graeme is with Merv Patching.💔💞
Susan Jolly- Heather Villinger I think they are watching what is happening abs shaking their heads over a bottle of red wine. 😄
Heather Villinger– Susan Jolly I think you are spot on
Elaine Johannsen– Yep he was a lovely man
Jan Griffiths– Love the articles on these dogs they were the days