Sobbing Sal

Sobbing Sal (New Tears x Wee Sal) 35 starts for 16 wins 10 placings. $68,940. Trained by Ted Sallows Won 1996 Geelong Cup, Runner-up to Henry Hand in 96 Melbourne Cup, 4th to Tenthill Doll 96 Australian Cup and won the 1997 Tweed Galaxy. Super brood bitch produced Brett Lee, Trendy Leigh, Big Daddy Cool to name a few. Dam line continued as it had from Wee Sal.

Alan Muram – 2 champs
Kerry Chalker– & should have won the Melbourne Cup -very unlucky
Andrea Sallows– She was just so fast early. I remember Dad saying she was his fastest to the post. She was a beautiful girl 😍
Ray Hawkes– She was great and trained bye A great bloke every time I needed to ask him a question he help me out a lot when I was younger training the dogs