Margaret Scarlett – Women in Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing has been blessed to have many talented women dedicate their working lives to the betterment of the sport. Not to mention the incredible role so many have played at home in the background over the years. Thankfully, these days more and more of the training ranks are dominated by women. In Victoria women like Hall of Famers Marg Long and Jan Wilson blazed a trail for a current crop of long serving women in clubs near and far I am sure it’s the same Interstate. We are lucky in the media to have Caller Victoria Shaw, radio and TV girls Simone Fisher and Molly Shaw, The Meadows have Jackie Davis and Sandown Bernadette Dillon. Sandown has led the way in recent years with the Women In Racing night featuring the Judy Hayley and Karen Leek Memorials. The connection with women started in 1977 with the appointment of Margaret Scarlett as Club Manager it would have taken a bit ticker to make that move back then.

Angela Modra – This era brings back plenty of memories for me. 🌴😊😊
Edwin Caruana- You could say she was a pioneer in many ways.
Bernadette Dillon- Lovely comments NB ❤️