Murphy’s Trial Track

Spent most of my training days down at this complex at least twice a week. Originally put together by Vic Azzopardi. Then run for many many, years by retired School teacher Brian Murphy and his sons. Great straight track always very busy.

Howard Gray – Now there’s a real character Vic Azzopardi, I remember going to his track as a young fella with Leo Pickard when we took Braentra Belle over to be served by Newmore King. I bought 2 stainless steel feed bowls from Vic’s on site shop and I still have those 2 feed bowls to this day.
Leigh Smith– Dad and myself had the straight when it was grass. We bought it of brian cutner. Had some champion dogs and trainers up there. Broke a pretty good dog called Zulu moss trained by bill leckie. Good old days then.i think about 1973.
Neil Brown– Leigh Smith I remember Brian moved to the Gold Coast we would see him at the Galaxy each year. Good mate of G Bate’s.
Gary Smith– Went there many times, yes was a great straight