Old Grandstand at Sandown

Hope some of us remember the old Sandown. Some great shots here of the old Grandstand. Admin block including Robert Stack’s dressing room. Plus, the Ladies very up market with a trellis fence around it.

Sue Jolly – Remember it well.
Graham Whitford– Great memories , as a youngster came from rural Victoria to be taken into the committee room.as a guest by the late Jack Biddington. Neck tie compulsory. So privelaged to rub shoulders with some great greyhound people.
Alec Stevens– Spent many a night watching the trials as we lived in noble park.
Mark James Pearson– Alec Stevens And then your family moved to Lara🐾🐾 Alex do you still the Volvo station wagon
Shane Hookey– There was pads on the seats,in the committee section,right in front of the post !!
Simone Wilson– These are fantastic Neil. We had Ray Benson on Cracking the Codes last year and he spoke of walking on the tin roof to get to the callers box.
Andrea Sallows– I used to run so fast down all those stairs – great fun 👏👏
John Reid– Mum always went to the distance side of the track,she claimed it was the best view of the those races,and as always she was right.Dad claimed they could not commence the meeting until mum had her first bet,one wonderfull memory.
Alan Marum- The good Old days, great memories…bookies ppl….crowds
Alan Marum– Thank you for sharing this!
Ken Mccann– 1970 for me
Coral Scott– Sometimes there were fifty people clocking in that stand on trial night in the fifties …doug
Kerry Chalker– Coral Scott Doug that book is needed!
Coral Scott– Kerry Chalker got a bit on the computer might get sued if I print it but most would have passed…doug
Peter Giles- Great memories
Shane Gordon– Remember Peter standing up there telling all the punters to back his. Dog he said if it doesn’t I’ll you money back.

Jon Roberts -The good old days fell in love with that place in 1963
Shane Gordon– Yep sure was could get a decent bet on
Maureen Stephens– Brings back memories for me, with Dad and Ronnie Nestor🥰