Sandown & Olympic Photo’s

Here is a fascinating shot from Sandown in the 40’s on the old track. Talk about flying the boxes King Richard the three has left them behind. Plus, the old Photo Finish shots, you could bring home this one from 1966 at Olympic Park is of a Dead Heat.

Frank Harney : Wonderful memories from the early days
Frank Harney; I remember the Purcell’s from Ballarat racing their greyhounds at Warrnambool. They had a star brindle dog with a white ring around his neck. At a guess Baytown Son.
James Wilding: Frank Harney Jack Purcell and yes Baytown son ‘
Richard Hewson; Early 70s. Roo power/Half your luck. Really good dogs
James Wilding: Richard Hewson half your Luck ✅✅✅