Solve The Puzzle

Another top chaser and successful Stud dog was Solve The Puzzle. Raced and bred by Paul Osborne of Goorambat about 16 km’s from Benalla. A great property, I had the pleasure of spending time there many years ago. Solve The Puzzle had an outstanding race year in 1998 as the stats show. As a stud dog he produced 510 litters and 1620 offspring he still has the odd litter on the ground whelped this year. He sadly passed away in June 2007. Some of his best race dogs included Miss Grub, Puzzle Prize, Trip To Eden, Royal Riddle, Taipan Bale, Knockabout Wok, Vee Man Vane, Itza Bee, Remo Rubik, Whippy’s Image, Brother Knows and Kingsbrae Di.