Star Title

Super performer for Dave Irwin Star Title.

Jamie Hawkins – Mandy every single time Gerry talk about star title he would say”was fastest dog in the world” heard it million times.😁😁
Mandy Rayner– Gerry loved the dog
Troy Butler– Mandy Rayner is he the one who used to nudge him for a banana whilst driving.
Mandy Rayner– Troy Butler yeah it was. Dave said he could talk
Craig Last– Can train a dog up there with the best of them
Bob Watkins– Lisa Irwin. Mandy Rayner. Better show this to the young fella
Patricia Williams– Dave was a great help to me when I gòt into greyhound. A great hand with a dog and muscle man!!
Sharon Williams– Whelped by Malcolm and Betty Drysdale at Marshall Mount.