Terry Cahalan Pilot

Unique way of getting to a meeting. Terry Cahalan back in the early 70’s

Jeff Collerson – Recall trainer the late Les Lahiff going to a meeting at Cowra in a chartered small plane with owner Steve Prime and one of their dogs. How about Jack Wright who lived in Guildford in Sydney and in the 1950s if he had just one runner at Wollongong, would put the dog in the sidecar of his motor bike to head down the south coast. Imagine doing that now, they would throw old Jack in the slammer. But he was a good trainer who won the 1959 St Leger (Paws Of Thunder) with Super Samson
Gary Smith – Notice the advert for vet Reg Hoskins. What a good bloke. A trainer would bring a dog to his surgery and Reg often asked “how is the luck” Often if the trainer said I’m eating the paint off the wall, Reg would not produce a bill at the end of the consultation. No wonder he was so loved by the greyhound industry as he was also a very good vet
Gary Smith– Didn’t one G Bate fly Ibrox somewhere in a light plane Neil Brown 🤔
Neil Brown– Gary Smith Certainly did he used them all the time flew out Lovely Banks. I have him on video telling me all about it. I sure Ibrox never got beat in Sydney or Adelaide when he flew her there. Top bitch Victorian Greyhound of the Year. She wouldn’t chase at all when he got her.
Gary Smith– Neil Brown He was one of the best and not frightened to roll his sleeves up and help out too, did a lot at the Geelong track, some people forget quick, master trainer
Howard Gray– Gary Smith Unfortunately people only want to remember the bad and not all the good Batesy did for decades. The late top breeder Tony McGrath of the “Proven” dogs used to always tell me he’d never known a trainer like Batesy to be able to get inside a dog’s head and work them out..i.e. Ibrox
Gary Smith– Howard Gray so true, he was one of the best 👍
Howard Gray-Terry Cahalan trained the 2002 Adelaide Cup winner Brookside Bear for owner Ray Borda….before Borda’s familiar “Aston” dogs came into being.