Tony Marino and Temlee

Great colour shot of Temlee receiving Sire of the Year 1980 at the Gabba. Only person in the shot I know is the late Tony Marino a lovely bloke and a super Greyhound man.

At the bottom a story about the mighty Temlee’s Stud fee goes to $1000 in August 1979. His domination as a Sire as recorded in October of that year.

Interesting story I found in the Greyhound Weekly of 1974 in regard to the mighty Temlee. I had known that Sale’s Barry Bailey had played an important part but it was news to learn of Wayne Kirby’s role in the champ.


Jeff Collerson – Tony Marino is related to Rita Merlino who trained Spanish Dancer group 1 winner. Rita still going strong at 92.

Ken Norquay – Second from right is Jack Houston, Gabba President and former State pollie.