Wangaratta Opens on December 22nd 1973

Wangaratta opens on December 22nd 1973. Very sad day when it closed for not much sound reasoning. Although you will be told different by those that closed it.

Brenda Kinder – shame it closed big lose I feel to the greyhound industry simply track to get to straight up the Hume. I work there for 15 years no thanks from GRV just a closing date. Sad day
Brenda Kinder– Jason Whybrow yes miss going to Wang and racing , it was a great night with the fires burning in the bookie ring . Very sad we lost the track .
Robert Arnold- A lot of good memories of Wang and a few winners as well
Rod Oakman– A tragedy
Ian Samblebe– Very happy memories for me Thanks for posting Neil
Steven Van Oirschot- I loved the place. So sad when it closed.
Howard Culph– Steven Van Oirschot the smaller clubs had the most character and atmosphere.
Mick Fearnley– Closing it was disgraceful. Absolutely loved driving and flying to Wang to race. Had more atmosphere than most other tracks.
Ronald Lyfield– Yep great memories of wang why they closed it who knows power mungering at the board I’d say
Edwin Caruana – We used to start our young dogs there, loved spending virtually all day with my teenage kids and we had a lot of success at the time.
Tania Chere– Nothing much has changed – they are still trying to close the Greyhounds down!!!!