Interstate ring at Sandown and on Cup Night

The interstate ring at Sandown on Cup night 1973. The one and only Raymore J Millard. Plenty of heads having a bet. Plus, a shot from Cup night 82.

Eddie Caruana – Standing room only in the betting ring, younger generations will never experience the buzz unfortunately.
Leigh Smith– Backed a few reds and pinks for the get out stakes in the last at angle park.😃
Jenny Roberts– this was the small betting ring just out of the restaurant, have a quick bet watch the race, and back inside to study form
Brenda Kinder-Great memories, so many people at the tracks and all the bookmaker’s , it was great fun to race .
Kerry Chalker– Greyhound racing at its peak-not all about Tab turnover
Ronald Lyfield– Those were the days great fun
Howard Culph– Ronald Lyfield gday Ronnie, good to hear from you
Ronald Lyfield- Howard Culph gday Howie he’s mate been a long time mate had some fun back then mate
Howard Culph- Ronald Lyfield sure did
Shane Flower– Concession at times streets paved with gold, Loved when the books got rushed, hip and shoulders going everywhere, geez they held some cash some nights
Nathan Goodwin– Days we’ll never see again.
Nathan Goodwin– I loved my bookmaking days.
May be an image of 3 people, people standing and indoor
Terry Callen– Nathan Goodwin tightarse odds
Jeff Collerson– Raymore’s brother Terry Millard trained a smart racehorse for a mate of mine Peter McCullen, former Sydney dog bookie who brought Waverly Supreme to Australia. The horse was called Valdoise, named by my French missus because it was by Sovereign Edition from French Valley and there was a connection between French Kings and a place in France called Valdoise. We backed the horse one day up the straight six at Flemington and he got the cash at 100/1
Des Dooley– Terry trained some smart ones. Battle Sign won an AJC Derby, Centaine very good racehorse and good sire, Baghdad Note, Waitangarua, Segovian Rhythm, Loch Ard, Bendara Boy. Bendara Boy was 100/1 in the Caulfield Guineas and got run down by Kenmark. Terry was good bloke and good trainer.
Gary Smith- Jeff Collerson Terry was a great bloke met him through Peter Dapiran, some of the biggest plunges we had were Battle Sign in Syd and Philomel who won a Perth Cup , good times, last I heard of him was he was living on the Gold Coast
Rod Oakman – Had some nice bets there in the late 80,s bet you as much as you want do you want i again son
Richard Codd– A golden era sadly long gone the only bad thing about the bookies when i lost my ready cash i just bet on the nod and was never knocked back ha
Gary Smith – Great fun watching some of the plunges that happened getting through the crowd 👍
John Reid– Great fun to watch Clipboard Jerries leg men knocking of the price,one named Ralph upset a trainer,who in return kept putting chewing gum in his long tresses.
Ken Mccann– anyone recall a punter called paper jack, i think in early 70s
Ian Hilditch – Ken Mccann no but I have heard of a Bacardi Bill that liked a punt.
David Torr – lost a great atmosphere when the bookies disappered that was the fun trying to beat them
Des Dooley– Ken, I am fairly certain Paper Jack was a gallops punter. Clipboard, Ralph and the late Ginger Mick, Michael Sigalas were prominent and lasted a fair time.
Ken Mccann– ok

Doug Sheridan – Wife and I met there on a blind date 1968, 15 deep to get a bet on at the bookies.Great times.

Ken Mccann– hi doug how have you been

Doug Sheridan– Ken Mccann Good thanks Ken hope your doing well,love some of these old pics & picking up on old names as the one in the below post LOL,think we seen the best times.Cheers.

Ken Mccann– it was

John Reid– Bet my mum dad and brothers are there,dad with starters Mum beeting ,the boys working on the track

Coral Scott– Great times many friends I guess l have outlived most of them…doug

Doug Sheridan– Coral Scott Your doing well Coral,see quite a few are still in the vertical club.

Coral Scott– At 87 only just on a good day…Doug to doug

Joe Baldacchino– Them were the days my friend etc etc.
But we’re still standing 🤪👍🥳

Kerry Chalker– Great days for greyhound racing when turnover wasn’t everything

Grant Hammerstein– Mine to I was 23

Grant Hammerstein– Be nice to have those days back

Marg Sallows– That small lady in the front looks like Mrs McKenna..

Here is also a packed Sandown Betting Ring in the 90’s look who is front and centre Micky Gibilisco long time Sandown Director and fearless punter. Laying the odds as he did for many years Norm Short.

Rod Oakman – Bet me 4000 to 1000 on the con ran 2nd no damage done next best rimg wagga sat arvo could back one to win 10000 ask max winte westerly poore Pringle’s
Shane Hookey– Presentation is everything Mick !!
Edwin Caruana– I reckon the concession bookie Mick is eyeing off is Tom Murphy.
Howard Culph- Edwin Caruana I thought it looks like Lal Scurrah
Edwin Caruana– Having a second look you are right Howard.
Robert Mccurdy– You got a good eye to Edwin
Duncan Foster-Any bookies left now?
Edwin Caruana– Duncan Foster we get a bookie At our big nights only, 5-6 meetings a year.
Mick Fearnley– It’s hard to believe just how good those days were.
Edwin Caruana- Never to be experienced again by this generation unfortunately Mick.
Ray Hawkes– Used to go there in them days are with my mate Dale’s dad was sunny Carpenter was a great night on a Thursday night And he was a book you there