Young Dave Irwin

A rare photo of a young Dave Irwin checking the mighty Zoom Top in the late 60’s.

Bob Watkins – Mandy you had best show this to the young fella
Mark Connor– Cool
Patricia Williams– a lot of champions in that picture. great memories
Mark Connor– Outstanding!!!
Bob Watkins– Proud to call Dave my mate. One of the industries gentlemen. Just wish you were a bit closer to check my dogs Dave.
Jamie Hawkins– Troy Butler we never been told this story.
Troy Butler– What do you mean we.
Jamie Hawkins– Troy Butler Dave has never told us about checking the great zoom top.
Troy Butler– Pretty sure he has.
Curly Burly– Jack Irwin trained dogs for my father
Patricia Barnes– Great memories
Patricia Williams– yep was very lucky to know Dave and learned a lot from him. top bloke his Dad was the very best.
Curly Burly– Patricia Williams Bruce Edwards also trained dogs for my father
John Staines– His father was a great checker and so is Dave he leaned from the best that’s for sure.
Robert Whitelaw– John Staines and a good footballers
Kerrie Murdoch– Julia AndGreg Watt
Diane Hannon– Lights from old days. Probably couldn’t make it under the rules and regulations of today
Peter Murphy– I remember those days
Ken Norquay– Dave Irwin …great trainer.Does anyone recall NSW muscle man/trainer Leo Ferrari…top bloke who I went to the Grafton July Carnival a few times