Arial Shot of the Gabba

Great shot of the Gabba did they really put dogs around on this track. The pic from 1987 and they are not happy as Greyhound Racing is about to be kicked out for of all things, not Queensland Australian Rules Football. They should have been happy to get off the joint. Seven left hand turns.

Gary Smith – How about Lawton then 😉
Neil Brown– We have shown that complete circle before Gary. The Gabba was about politics, nothing else. We know how dangerous they are.
Reg Hazelgrove– What a great track from the 558 boxes you had 4 straits some champion dogs raced there.
Neil Brown– Reg Hazelgrove good on you Reg stick to your guns you did love the joint.
Cory James Hiscock– Looks like today’s Sale track

Neil Brown– Excellent comparison Corey never pictured that.
Darren Leeson– Loved my visits to the GABBA in the mid 80’s…had real character that place!
Kerry Chalker– Terrible track but some great greyhounds raced there
Ted Dowsey– Like SALE. It was built to suit the land available.
Gary Smith- Ted Dowsey just like The Gardens in NSW