Dandy Andy winner of the Melbourne Cup in 1935

Dandy Andy winner of the Melbourne Cup in 1935. Held at Napier Park up the straight 400 yards he was raced by the Healy Brothers.

Howard Gray – Don’t know if it’s the photo but certainly not a “classic” looking greyhound
Coral Scott – Saw a melb cup run at Napier was a wet night and thought 400 yards was more than onough for a greyhound on the straight other than placegetters the others were not going very hard…doug
Terry Callen – Also a pretty handy horse
James White – Terry Callen ” Goodness Gracious Me”.
John Reid– Doug they were the pacemaker days?
Coral Scott – Yes pacemakers then a good pacemaker was worth money
John Reid– Dad had a good pacemaker named Dando,he also won races,but the phone would ring,and dad would say yes,Much wanted for feature races,one of the most honest dogs I ever saw.
Shane Flower– Showing a bit of the bulldog cross
Marien Sullivan- Wow was a small dog , great news.