Demise of Canberra

It was disappointing to watch the demise of the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club. Particularly at the hands of a minor Government body looking after a population of 472,000. What a joke in 1950 when it became Canberra only 20,000 lived there. Here is a Newspaper article from the Canberra Times Sunday January 28, 1979. It was opening night and some nice history on the Club. Also some great shots of the track taken by amateur photographer Nicole Moore who captured the old complex bueatifully.

Kerry Ellston – Do they trail there
Neil Brown – I am not sure Kerry what happen to venue. Perhaps one of our members can answer that.
Angela Modra – Neil Brown Yes 🌴👍✅✔️
Mark Small – The Club does still trial, until recently the track was managed by Ash Dwyer (he used the kennels but moved to around Goulburn and I’m not sure who is managing it now) BUT it was an absolute disgraceful decision by the Local Labour/Greens Govt to CLOSE down racing following the bating scandal. They followed the equally disgraceful decision by Mike Baird however the ACT Govt “did not” reverse their decision because of the power the Greens held over Labour (Labour used Greens preferences and closing greyhound racing was their payback).
The Liberals has supported the return of Racing and I think their is an election in 2024
Glenn Rounds – No different Neil to what’s happening with Cranbourne, how could GRV possibly think of closing a track in the heaviest trainer / owner/breeder populated area is beyond comprehension for the state’s future.
A lot of great men and women built that club to the wealthy club it is today and GRV doesn’t have it in its plans 😂
Mark Small – Glenn Rounds It’s 🤬 disgraceful, everything is favoured towards our Industry Administrators and State Governments (and normally I’m quite supportive, but you have to call a spade a spade)… Take a look at QLD “$41mil” on Centre of Excellence at Purga with 2 circle and a straight track “for one reason” – the QLD Govt sea the value in greyhound racing vs the other 2 codes.
Victoria is “blessed” having the Twin Lure system but NSW albeit trialling it have been too stupid not to introduce it State wide.
AND we race on “sand tracks” in NSW but educate and trial every other day and people wonder why there are so many injuries … is everyone SO 🤬 stupid to think that after the track being ripped up, that running the tractor around and around to make the surface smooth that everything is fine and compact underneath 👎👎👎
Rod Oakman – Without doubt Grnsw should have stepped in
Mark Small – Rod Oakman I’m pretty sure Canberra “does not” come under GWIC jurisdiction
Allan Butcher – It’s just another example of the minority telling the majority of hard working people what to do
George Clegg – With regards Queensland, the Labor government has done more for our industry than the conservatives did in 20 years. In NSW it was a Liberal government that introduced the ban on the sport few years back. My political persuasion is conservative but it makes you question yourself sometimes
Davo Simo – The Labor party needed the support of the Greens to form Government. The demand from the Greens was to close greyhound racing. It last raced April 2018.
It was a purely political motive as the two parties needed each other to achieve power. It had zero to do with animal welfare.
Jeff Collerson – The Labor government banned the sport to appease their Green party conterparts and get their support
Les Bein – A complete disregard for the people that put them there to represent them Power at any cost stuff the peoples and their livelihoods. No wonder politicians are on the nose everywhere.