Sandown’s 21st Birthday Celebrations

Speaking of Sandown and the 70’s they loved a promotion and their 21st Birthday celebrations was bigger than Texas. I loved the range of races and remember the night well. A Marathon over 933, a 718 Hurdle, a race for lady trainers (who knew that would catch on), a race for pups 21 months old and events over 513 and 718 for greyhounds that had been placed at either Metro venue 21 times. Patrons could win a host of prizes including a trip to Linderman Island flying Ansett. It was quite a night. There was also a parade of 21 of the best dogs of that Era. They were a Who’s Who for the time. Listed as Aron King, Lizrene (only dog to have won 21 races at Sandown) Dynamic Dean, Temlee, Bolta’s Gift, Benjamin John, Black Diro, Carrington Jade, New Mariner, Granulator, Half Your Luck, Sirota Miss, Dunmain Scholar, Golden Spur, New Spirit, Johnny Wood and New Find a dog that had won over all distances at Sandown and held the Hurdle track record. One of the dogs in the photo is Dynamic Dean the fawn with the Mayor. 75 Cup winner.

Doug Scott – When the tin hare started at sandown there was usually a maiden hurdle a 785 yd nursery also a free to all hurdle…pop
Doug Scott – Few people know that Henry Harrison was a great pianist he entertained us all at the st James open in the fifties had everyone singing we had a great night….pop
Neil Brown- Coral Scott Thanks Doug didn’t know that you learn something new everyday.