Kel & Jackie Greenough

If anyone is wondering how long Kel and Jackie Greenough have been at the top of their game. They went full time in 1987 here is a photo from 1990 after winning the McKenna Memorial with National Honour. Bet plenty didn’t know Kel worked at Australia Post. Amazing to have been at the top for so long a credit to the sport and admired far and wide, for good reason.

Steve Shinners – Was lucky enough to work with kel and Jackie in my early years ,kel is most knowledgeable and helpful person I’ve met in my time in the sport still speak on a regular basis ,they have guided many champions over the years and so respected in the industry 😀,still delivering the winners.
Matthew Clark- He was a great dog, formerly trained by John westerlo.
Wayne Drew- Kel is a gentleman of the sport and will help anyone he can, honest as they come,and love their dogs to death .
Ian Rose – Lovely bloke always helpful when I’ve spoken to him
Darren Cairns – Kel has no peer as a greyhound trainer in my opinion! He’s an absolute legend and has helped me and my family in our time in greyhound racing. Him and Jackie are a wonderful team! And I’m proud to say that he’s my mate! I have never heard a bad word said about him and that is unheard of in this game! 🏆👑
Majella Ferguson- Darren Cairns genius
Alan Marum- A great mentor …..great memories of our time together.
Shane Hookey- Yeh Neil,Kel was a postman around Mordialloc way,also very handy local footballer too!!
Neil Brown- Shane Hookey Starred at Doveton as a centre half forward after a run at Hawthorn under 19’s. He still loves the Hawks. Not shared by Jackie a Geelong tragic.
Shane Hookey- Neil Brown yeh Neil, he told he had a run at the Hawks under 19s, they tell me he could get a kick !!
Trevor Smith- As good as any around,and a good bloke to go with it!
Steven Van Oirschot- The GOAT. There is only one goat. Great family effort.
Maggie May- O m g what a difference
Ray Hawkes- Run in to Mel at a local football game a couple of weeks ago at pines football club where he played and he kicked 8 goals in a grand final one year for the pines to win it
Kerrie Smyth- OMG 😃 I remember being there when they won that, !! I feel very lucky to have known them since I was very young.
Kelvyn & Jackie / Michelle & Angie we’re a big part of my childhood, loved staying at their house, & will alway love them for the greatest memories…
Plus : they let me stay on weekends & Schooling holidays .. I think it was so I didn’t have to feed & work the dogs we had
Sarrison Havage- This is so COOOL!! ❤️
Benny Briffa- Jackie always had the lucky Boots
Chris McKay- Legend of the sport.