Quinella the Australian Cup

Still the only man to do it Quinella the Australian Cup the late Peter Reid.

John Reid – Thanks Neil we still get a buzz seeing Dad, would rather see him in person, talk to him again but not possible, you never cease to amaze me with articles that I remember nice story on Biro and the racecourse.
Jenny Roberts– a great achievement. I have never noticed the likeness between Pete and you John, but I see it in this photo
Kay King– John Reid yes the likeness is uncanny. Both you parents were great people and we know where yours and Terri’s sense of humour came from.
Doug Scott– John Reid loved talking to peter had many stories and was a great listener… doug
Kerry Chalker– An absolute gentleman
Leigh Smith– Great person also watta a family. Always remember one nite at sale i had a flat tyre and he lent me his spare to get home a champ.😉
Kerry Chalker – Leigh Smith greyhound people as we knew them Leigh.

Des Dooley – Agree Leigh and Kerry. One of the very best families in greys in my time.