Valiant Spirit

Is this the best hurdle dog ever? Valiant Spirit inducted into the Tasmanian Hall of Fame in 2010. Tassie legend Greg Fahey has a wonderful tribute to this incredible dog on the Tasmanian HOF Website.

Des Dooley – Interesting handicapping. Appears to be by time rather than yardage. Would love to know how it worked? In Victoria timing unit was 1/16th representing one length.
Doug Scott – If a dog was giving 5/16 start wouldn’t he crash into box lid Tassy used this system for years. Back in the fifties did they have enough tech knowledge to do this.
Dwayne Jiggins– Weinberg was a ripper the 50s too far ahead of my time 😂
Howard Culph– Weinberg 50’s? Much much later I thought.