Racebook Gracedale Park Boxing Day 1940

Racebook Gracedale Park Boxing Day 1940

Maureen Barry – My dad sold 2 bitch to the white city 1954 Maureen joy and Kearon lass from Ireland

John Reid– Hated those hurdles at both tracks,they were not only heavy but hard to put in place,and it was our job as hare boys to do same.

Robert Mccurdy– John Reid you are right John

Robert Mccurdy– John Reid I believe you are thinking about was a part time steward Don Duncan who lived in Springvale I think a gave Matt his handlers approved I hope so if I didn’t tell me or am I wrong

John Reid– Robert you may remember a small boy who got his handlers licence,and Don ,i have forgotten his surname said to you that kid is too small to handle greyhounds,he then proceed to approach the boy and you said hello Matthew how are you ,Don asked the boy his name Reid.and from on that Matt had a friend,
Matthew was here today with his wife and three sons,and that incident came up.

John Reid– Thanks Robert,all you have written is true,fancy me forgetting Don Duncan’s name,as he was a family friend,

Coral Scott– Then came the canvas straps didn’t like them either the brooms finished up the best of all…doug

Robert Mccurdy– Coral Scott there were a great step forward

Coral Scott– Gracedale was a 500 yd with 2 sharp turns aND A SHORT 200 odd yd straight gallant plume was one of the champs on the straight and his brother valiant plume much fun going there…doug

John Reid– Doug Gracedale was what a U turn ,you ran to the first corner and then up the straight ,took a strong dog to do that,two of dads dogs excelled there Elgin Belle and Total Surrender, they were litter sisters.

Coral Scott-And I suppose we should mention the man size hole under the boxes when gracedale was demolished…doug

John Reid– Doug the full story of that incident ,was the neighbours in the street,noticed men coming and going on race nights,they notified Springvale police,,it was found each box had a trapdoor big enough to get hold of a dogs leg,I don’t what punishment they received.

Coral Scott– John went to gracedale to back a black bitch with Noel banks connections a good price was put up but I didn’t get on in the stampede to back her she went straight to odds on when race was run the pacemaker was given a tiny start and quickly caught and race was. Run after the last with fresh betting punters were most upset and let officials know
John Reid– Doug,if only the track could write its history,I think the paper would catch fire,if only half the stories were true,it would be a best seller,mind you in those days all tracks had their stories.

Robert Mccurdy– John Reid if only Chumi Parkes was alive