Ray and Ruth King

I been lucky to meet many likeable people connected with Greyhound Racing over the years. One couple come to mind are outstanding NSW trainers Ray and Ruth King I wonder if they remember a wet Saturday afternoon in the Launceston Casino. Together with Terry Hill and John Pearson I may have had a Schooner to many but what an enjoyable day. That night Placard won the National Sprint for Terry, Jim Coleman and Ray and Ruth. No wonder I had trouble calling the Jack Russell’s when I came in off the bench for a late Wayne Kirby. Being a Victorian I wasn’t use to drinking “Schooners”. Here’s a brilliant story by “Pigeon” of Ray’s early days.

Anothony Coyte – Champion man ray king should be back at the tracks bye now

Ruth King– Omg those were the days

Jenny Roberts– Ruth King they certainly were, trust you and Ray are coping ok with lockdown and you are both well xx

Ruth King– Jenny Roberts hey there Jenny all good here lockdown is a great big pain but what can u do

Ruth King– Thanks for that Neil Brown

Neil Brown– Ruth King I will never forget the 2000 Nationals Ruth without doubt my all time favourite. Spending time with you and Ray, Jimmy and meeting Terry for the first time it was priceless. Also my late great friend wasn’t far away Ron Nestor. I also got to interview Ricky Ponting and host the Nationals dinner. Very fond memories.

Linda Britton– Ruth King what a great week that was . Great memories.
Clint Kratzmann– What a trainer he Was a great man with a dog and always getting winners though hard determined work

John McDonald– Good to read Ruth King

John Staines- Great trainers.

Arthur Langman– The good old days I love it

Ian Samblebe– Great yarn Neil Thank you !

Sid Swain– Its been a privilege to have raced against and been associated with the legendary couple for 50 years .