Wheeler Stud Dogs

Back in 1977 the Wheeler operation covered everything. Here is the Stud dogs on offer.

Sandro Bechini – Bloody hell I can remember all these dogs racing
Ray Klein – Sandro Bechini You’re not alone mate. My favourite was Zoomie at Wenty and my old favourite Diamond Ago Go. Won plenty on her. Also Perc Fletcher’s Italian Son And Italian Moon.
Sandro Bechini – Ray Klein diamond Au go go owned by Len Pretti
John Staines– I can remember most of these dogs racing.
Judi Hurley – You’re showing your age!!!
Jeff Collerson – Steelflex was the only dog to win the National Derby twice. Tenderhook was his litter brother
Richard Codd -Jeff Collerson i was there bookies everywhere on the other side