David Crosswell

1 July 2022 Neil Brown 0

One Tasmania’s outstanding mentors David Crosswell. He has been at it for longer he cares to remember.    

Jack Irwin

1 July 2022 Neil Brown 0

I found this story on the late legendary Jack Irwin it appeared in the Chase Magazine back in February 2014. Written by leading Queensland journalist […]

George Schofield

30 June 2022 Neil Brown 0

One of the all-time greats of Greyhound Racing a GCA and Victorian Hall of Famer. The late George Schofield just about did it all. Here […]

Ron Hood

28 June 2022 Neil Brown 0

One of my old mates in Greyhound Racing is a guy that’s done it all. Ron Hood started back in the 70’s and has trained, […]

Paradise Street

25 May 2022 Neil Brown 0

Today I am remembering the versatile chaser Paradise Street (Warren’s Flyer x Miss Crisp) A Brindle Dog Whelped 27/03/1994. Trained by both Allan Britton and Linda Britton […]

The Castle 1997

16 May 2022 Neil Brown 0

South Australian member Howard Gray put up this video from most people’s favourite Australian movie The Castle. The dogs were supplied by leading Victorian trainer […]

Dr Jim Gannon

8 April 2022 Neil Brown 0

Here is an interview I did with the late Dr. Jim Gannon. Considered the doyen of Greyhound Vets. He started the Sandown Vet Clinic, pioneered […]