8 February 2022 Neil Brown 0

Remembering the 1998 Australian Cup winner Fibba. Top little race bitch by Head Honcho from super producer Maudie whelped 21/1/1996 she raced 72 times 29 […]

Alec Reid

24 December 2021 Neil Brown 0

Here is a trainer’s profile on Victorian Hall Fame mentor the late, great Alec Reid. Wonderful record as a trainer and an even better bloke. […]

Sandown Rebuild 1995

24 December 2021 Neil Brown 0

Interesting report from Mark Duclos on Greyhound Racing Extra Video. Regarding the Sandown track upgrade and Kennel build in 1995. It includes comments from the […]

Modern Express

24 December 2021 Neil Brown 0

Perhaps Tangairn’s best son 1991 Victorian Greyhound of the Year Modern Express. Owned and trained for most part of his career by Kevin Mugavin. No […]

Awesome Assassin

12 November 2021 Neil Brown 0

We tend to forget how good some of our champions were. I wrote this piece about the mighty contribution made by Awesome Assassin. He was a great […]

Katandra King

12 November 2021 Neil Brown 0

Top Class South Australian sprinter Katandra King. Mark Stains- He had brilliant early speed won a few at Wentworth Park when trained by Les Harper. Howard […]