Adam and Ned Wallish

10 May 2024 Neil Brown 0

We read recently of the pending retirement of Queensland administrator Adam Wallish. Apart from being extremely competent and performing his duties to a very high […]

Shane Hookey School Days

12 April 2024 Neil Brown 0

Recognize our member 16-year-old Shane Hookey at Ringwood Technical School with his dog Spot Tornado. Leading Victorian trainer at that time Pat Haas hosted 30 […]

Allan Roberts

12 April 2024 Neil Brown 0

Wayne Robert’s son of Victorian Hall of Fame trainer Allan recently donated many of the family’s artefacts trophy’s, photos, stories after a lifetime of success […]

Demise of Canberra

5 October 2023 Neil Brown 0

It was disappointing to watch the demise of the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club. Particularly at the hands of a minor Government body looking after a […]